the endgame of her coffee gambit

Hi! I'm Bismuth, ze/hir pronouns please
  • yuuto: feelin p girly rn
  • trans ppl: shinkai yuuto is not cis
  • cis ppl: u kno nothign... stop... u cant say this fake thing...
  • watanabe-sensei: no rly yuuto is not cis tho lol
  • cis ppl: holy shit
  • trans ppl: yowapeda... hacked
some people ask why do you have a winona judd poster in your store i say DID YOU FORGET THE NAME OF THE STORE?

hey space lamp, wanna live inside my earth house?


oh mang that would have been soooooooo cool! i hope everything works out SUPER SOON as well, though i don’t know what that’d take.

well supposedly this firm is running training while I’m on holiday, and when I get back I’m supposed to just rock up presenting as I actually want to… but tbqh I have suspicions I’ll get home to an email saying “Oh actually don’t come in wearing femme yet we didn’t do the things”

thank. i’m so so so tired i cannot wait to be out of this town

revolutionator replied to your photoset:This week in Bis is endlessly exhausted by hir job…
AUGUUGUGUGHHHHH you poor thing this is such exhausting garbage bullshit!!!!! im gonna give you such a hug auggegggwgwwhg fuck cis people

i am really looking forward to hugs and also to not giving A Single Fuck and wearing my cute dresses out in Kobe. (Fuck cis people)

blackbournen replied to your photoset:This week in Bis is endlessly exhausted by hir job…
*hug* I’m sorry your work is being so shitty. I hope everything works out as soon as possible.

*hug* thanks nen. you know the worst part is I was hoping to have this done WAY earlier in the year, and come up to brisbane and visit my family and friends and i was also gonna ask if you wanted to hang irl? i dunno when i’ll next get up there now ):

People at work last week were either telling me “You just need to calm down” or “Is everything ok? Do you need someone to talk to?” and I couldn’t respond honestly to either of them because lmao i’ve been told to lie to you all until December

This week in Bis is endlessly exhausted by hir job and is at breaking point:

haha what would you do if i was phone ;)

well it depends upon how much body mass u have. if ur a bean pole then an a cup would work, if you’re slender but a li’l curvy than a b cup is good, if you’re quite soft a c cup is best, etc. i mean boobs are just hunks of body fat and milk glands so

aaa moony u r a gem ty :) I am probably going to put some #money down on a b-cup pair as well just so I’ve got options. But now that I’ve got a well-fitted top on they actually look pretty good! I think the shift from zero boob to plural boob was just a bit fast

(i can’t wait to grow my own hunks of body fat)