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Hi! I'm Bismuth, ze/hir pronouns please

wtf is “milkshake shit” supposed to mean re: the intellectual/political content of ideas? I feel like I missed some new lingo.

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I read vec’s post about chess’ post about Laura Palmer, and now I’m thinking about her, especially putting those ideas of Laura Palmer the legend and Laura Palmer the woman containing a ‘muddy bothness’ side-by-side. And how one of the ways people narrativise in order to control and contain the overwhelming complexity of people who have been wounded or abused and their responses to the world.

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blade runner - 1982

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is this how christian couples takes baths together

I don’t understand why it needs the gender colored lighting….

straight people need reassurance at every step in their lives

But, why?

This is fucken hilarious.

Maybe it’s bath salts coloring the water? Coloring to indicate different water temperature?

Not everything is about gender in marketing, you know.

Then that man is just coincidentally happy in his cold bath next to this women who is not actually his hetero life mate.
And she is also coincidentally happy in her warm bath next to the man who is a near-stranger, but just happens to really love social-but-distinctly-separate cold baths.
The colours, commonly used to indicate gender in advertising, are a total coincidence. These people, of no clear relation, just happen to respectively enjoy warm and cold baths, and need that temperature to be obviously and wordlessly communicated to the other party involved. They clink their glasses to affirm that the temperatures of their baths have been successfully communicated.

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shut them


this is my favourite vine tbh

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